Tuesday 28 May 2019


            He was born in Yasle (Jasło), Poland.  He graduated from a Hebrew high school in Lodz.  He later studied at the Ger yeshiva in Warsaw.  He received his master’s degree from the University of Warsaw and his doctoral degree from the University of London.  He was rabbi in a number of Jewish communities in England and from 1952 chief rabbi of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation in Australia.  He published articles on current issues and Jewish religious values.  He contributed in Australia to: Di yidishe post (The Jewish mail), Der landsman (The compatriot), Oystralishe yidishe nayes (Australian Jewish news), and Di melburner bleter (Melbourne sheets).  He published several books in English on Judaism.  In Yiddish: Der kval fun unzer eybikeyt (The source of our eternity) (Melbourne, 1964), 303 pp.; Mayn shtarkeyt un mayn gezang, ophandlungen vegn kiem un hemshekh fun yidishn folk (My strength and my song, essays on existence and continuance of the Jewish people) (Melbourne, 1966), 309 pp.; Azoy vi a royz tsvishn di derner, ophandlungen vegn dem glorraykhn bund tsvishn yidishn folk un di moralishe un religyeze vertn funem yidntum (Like a rose amid thorns, essays on the glorious bond between the Jewish people and the moral and religious values of Judaism) (Melbourne, 1968), 287 pp.; Unzer shif vet nit untergeyn (Our ship will not go under) (Melbourne, 1974), 302 pp.
Moyshe Ayzenbud

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