Wednesday 22 May 2019


MORTKHE ROTENBERG (b. February 29, 1920)
            He was a poet, born in Rovno, Volhynia, the descendant of a rabbinic family.  He was a student in the Mir Yeshiva.  During WWII he traveled as far as Shanghai and from 1946 was living in the United States.  He worked as a teacher of Talmud at New York’s Yeshiva University.  He published poems in the New York-based journals: Tsukunft (Future), Getseltn (Tents), Svive (Environs), Opatoshu and Leivick’s Zamlbikher (Collections) (vol. 7), Vayter (Further), and Zayn (Being).  His work also appeared in: Shmuel Rozhanski’s Di froy in der yidisher poezye (Women in Yiddish poetry) (Buenos Aires, 1966).  In book form: Shabes un vokh, lider (The Sabbath and the week, poetry) (New York, 1951), 84 pp.

Sources: Avrom-Ber Tabatshnik, in Vogshol (New York) (April-June 1959); Yeshurin archive, YIVO (New York).
Berl Cohen

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