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PINKHES ROMANOV (PAUL ROMANOFF) (April 10, 1898-December 12, 1943)
            He was an architect, born in Vilna.  He received a religious Jewish education.  In 1915 he graduated from a state high school in Vilna, later studying architecture and topography at universities in Moscow, Berlin, and Paris.  He moved to the land of Israel in 1920, and in 1925 he received ordination into the rabbinate there.  In 1928 he emigrated to the United States, and in 1930 he received his doctoral degree.  He was director of the museum at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.  He wrote articles on art, as well as wrote poetry and stories, for Bodn (Terrain) and Tsukunft (Future) and for Hebrew- and English-language periodicals.  Offprint: “Formen un simboln in der arkhitektur funm beysamigdesh” (Architectural forms and symbols of the Temple), Bodn (1936), pp. 133-58.  He also published: Gots hant, fun tanakh biz mikel andzhelo (God’s hand, from Tanakh to Michelangelo) (n.p., n.d.), pp. 61-72.  He died in New York.

Source: Yitskhok Ribkind, in Tsukunft (New York) 2 (1944).
Berl Cohen

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