Tuesday 2 September 2014


YOEL (JOEL) ARONSON (1848-April 25, 1919)

Born in a small town in the Kovno region, into a family of rabbis and scholars.  At age six he began to study Talmud, and at eighteen he was already prepared for rabbinical ordination.  The “winds of enlightenment,” however, led him away to Zhitomir to the local rabbinical school.  He published tracts in Hamelits (The advocate) as well as in Y. L. Kantor’s Hayom (Today).  In 1891 he emigrated to the United States.  Together with Morris Rosenfeld and Yankev (Jacob) Ter, he was the editor-publisher of a weekly publication entitled Di zun (The sun) (New York, 1892; seven issues printed).  He also wrote from time to time for other Yiddish newspapers in New York.  The poet Mikhl Aronson was his son.

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