Sunday 14 September 2014


AVROM OREZ (1897-February 1, 1943)

Born in the town of Mazilyev, Byelorussia, to “enlightened” parents.  He received a Jewish and general education.  After WWI, he moved to Pruzhane (Prużana), Poland, and worked as a teacher in the Tarbut school there.  He was a Zionist worker, speaker, and lecturer.  From 1926 to 1930 he was in Brisk (Brześć), Lithuania, later back in Pruzhane.  From 1931 until the war broke out in 1939, he was editor of the weekly Pruzhaner shtime (Voice of Pruzhane) and simultaneously a teacher in the Hebrew high school there.  On January 30, 1942, together with 2000 Jews in Pruzhane, he was sent by the Nazis to Auschwitz.  He died with his wife and his two children as martyrs.

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