Friday 5 September 2014


YEHUDA (JUDA LOEB) ORLEAN (1898-October 10, 1944)
Born in Warsaw, he was a founder of Poalei agudat yisrael (Agudat Israel Workers) in Poland, a teacher and director of the Kraków Beys Yankev seminar, and leader of the Orthodox Beys Yankev Girls’ Schools in all of Poland.  Among his books: Tsu zate un tsu hungerike (Satiated and hungry) (Warsaw, 1930), 63 pp.; Yidish lebn, lernbukh far yaades (Jewish life, textbook for Judaism), part 1, second school year (third printing) (Warsaw, 1936), 126 pp.; together with Fridman, the same title, Yidish lebn, lern-kapitlen far yaades (Jewish life, instructional chapters on Judaism) (Munich: “Le-chinuch ha-torah, 1947), 20 pp.; Yidish lebn, lernbukh far yaades, part 2, second school year (Kraków: Beys Yankev tsentrale, 1938), 152 pp.  As Rabbi Yisroel Shapiro of Bluzhev recounted, he found himself with Orlean in Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp.  On the evening of Hoshana Rabba, 1944, they learned that the following morning they were going to be taken away to Auschwitz.  So it happened, and on Simchat Torah Orlean was murdered in Auschwitz.

Source: Y. Gledi-Gelbfarb, in Keneder odler (October 28, 1948).

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