Monday 1 September 2014


     Born in the village of Malinets, Bessarabia.  He emigrated to the United States in 1907 where he worked as a presser.  Later he joined the socialist movement.  He began writing poems for Brukliner yidishe shtime (Brooklyn Jewish voice), and for Varhayt (Truth) he wrote articles about issues of concern to workers.  His first story was published in Yidisher zhurnal (Jewish journal) in Toronto (1933).  He subsequently published stories in Tog (Day), Morgn-zhurnal (Morning journal), Amerikaner (American), Veg (The way) in Mexico, Dos yidishe vort (The Yiddish word) in Winnepeg, and Yidishe velt (Jewish world) in Philadelphia, among others.  He also wrote the following books: Af noente un vayte vegn (One roads near and far), stories (New York, 1940); and Oysgeloshene shtern (Extinguished stars) (Buenos Aires: Yidbukh, 1960), 336 pp.

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