Thursday, 4 September 2014


YEFIM ARLYUK (ARLIUK) (b. 1900 or 1901)
Born in Lithuania.  He was a member of a Zionist youth organization.  He studied in Berlin and there became a Communist.  In 1929 he came to Soviet Russia.  In 1934 he became a special correspondent and an internal contributor to Emes (Truth) in Moscow.  He translated into Yiddish several short books for children by Korney Chukovsky.  He wrote under the names: Y. Orlyuk, Kh. Orlyuk, and Ye. Arlyuk.  It would appear that he was arrested at the end of 1937 together with M. Litvakov.  Thereafter he has not been heard from, and his fate remains unknown.  Two of his translations of Chukuvsky’s booklets: Fligele migele (The little flea), “freely translated” (Moscow, 1935); and Telefon (Telephone) (Moscow, 1937).

Sources: Emes (Moscow) (July 9, 1935), as well as in issues dated August 23 and 26, and September 14, 1935.

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