Sunday, 10 April 2016


            He was a young Yiddish writer in Libave (Liepāja), Latvia.  He published humorous sketches and feature pieces in Frimorgn (Morning) and other Yiddish publications in Latvia.  In 1937 there appeared in print in Riga—from the publishing house of Bilike bikher (Inexpensive books)—his one and only book, Idishe peklekh, humoreskes, felyetonen, monologn (Jewish bundles, humorous sketches, features, monologues), 95 pp.  The name of the author is given on the title page as “Moyshele” which was also his pseudonym in newspapers.  The book carried a preface by Mark Razumi and contained twenty humorous items.  Vulfart was murdered by the Nazis in Libave in the very first days of June-July 1941.

Source: M. Adelshteyn, in Yahadut latviya (Judaism in Latvia) (Tel Aviv, 1953), p. 360, reprinted from Fun letstn khurbn (Munich) 10 (1945-1946).

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