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N. M. SIDO (SEEDO) (b. 1906)
            The pseudonym of Sonya Khosid, sister of Mortkhe Khosid, she was born in Sekuran (Secureni), Bessarabia.  She received her education in a Yiddish high school, later studying in a Hebrew pedagogical institute in Vienna.  She belonged to Hashomer Hatsair (The young guard) and later to the illegal Communist Party of Romania.  From 1930 she was living in London, where she was active in the literary realm.  She published essays on psychology and literature in London’s Yiddish periodical publications.  In Yidish london (Yiddish London) 1 (1938), she published the piece “Intuitsye un gedank, a nayer tsugang tsu der geshikhtlekher visnshaft” (Intuition and thought, a new approach to historical scholarship); and in the second volume (1939), “Di dialektishe eynheyt fun visn un shafn” (The dialectical unity of knowing and creating)—she edited the publication with Y. A. Liski and A. N. Shtentsl.  For many years she contributed to Loshn un lebn (Language and life) in London, in which among other items she published literary critical essays on Yoysef Opatoshu, Leo Kenig, Kalmen Marmor, and others, as well as the treatments “Laydnshaftn un di laydn fun shafn” (Passions and the sorrows of creation), “Khutspe un anives in shafn” (Impudence and humility in creation), and “Moderne kunst” (Modern art), among others.  In book form: Di dialektik fun gefil un gedank (Dialectics of thought and feeling), “the dialectic of educational problems, the dialectical process or artistic creation” (London, 1941), with a foreword, 280 pp.  She has recently published a book in English: In the Beginning Was Fear (London, 1964), 497 pp.  She was last living in London, married to Y. A. Liski.

Source: Leksikon fun der nayer yidisher literatur (Biographical dictionary of modern Yiddish literature), vol. 5 (under the biography of Y. A. Liski; see:
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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