Tuesday 26 April 2016


            He was born in Lodz, Poland, into a Hassidic family.  He studied in religious elementary school, synagogue study chamber, and with private tutors.  He later became a business employee.  He was active in Jewish cultural institutions and drama circles.  He served in the Russian military, 1914-1918.  He then returned to Lodz and became a merchant.  He authored dramas, comedies, and one-act plays which he learned thoroughly with drama circles and staged on literary evenings.  His books include: Dor hafloge oder di moderne ferkerte velt (The generation after the Tower of Babel or the modern world in reverse), a comedy in three acts and four scenes (Lodz, 1914), 39 pp.; Di hayntige yugend (Today’s youth), a play in four acts (Lodz, 1926), 61 pp.  He was living in Poland until WWII.  His subsequent fate remains unknown.

Source: Arkhiv fun zalmen zilbertsvayg (Archive of Zalmen Zilbertsvayg) in Los Angeles.

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