Thursday 21 April 2016


            He was born in Przemyśl, Galicia, into an observant family.  He studied in religious elementary school, public school, and in the small synagogue of Lizhensk.  In 1890 he moved to the United States.  At first he worked as a Hebrew teacher and later became a merchant.  He founded the Lizhensk compatriot association in New York.  He was the author of Sefer ḥinukh lenoar, vegn kinder ertsiung (Education for children) (New York, 1915), 57 pp. in Yiddish and 22 pp. in English, with an “apology” and a foreword by the author.  The booklet also bore the approval of the Lizhensker rabbi in New York, from which we ascertain certain details of Valker’s life and activities.

Source: Gershon Bader archive in YIVO (New York).

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