Thursday 28 April 2016


            He was born in Radom, Poland.  He graduated from the Jewish public school in Warsaw.  He cofounded the Zionist Revisionism organization from the Revisionist Zionist youth organization Masada in Poland.  He served as vice-director of a Tarbut school in Warsaw.  In 1930 he became a resident of Bialystok and leader of the local Revisionist movement.  He was a member of the Bialystok city council.  He contributed pieces to Undzer lebn (Our life) in Bialystok, as well as to a series of Zionist Revisionist organs.  His books include: Di organizatsye fun der yidisher kehile in poyln (The organization of the Jewish community in Poland) (Bialystok, 1932), 110 pp.  He was murdered by the Germans in WWII.

Sources: Byalistoker leksikon (Bialystok handbook) (Bialystok, 1935); Undzer lebn (Bialystok) (April 3, 1938).
Yankev Kohen

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