Thursday 14 April 2016


            He was resident of Odessa.  He authored Yiddish folksongs: Garlands toyt, a moralishe lid fun dem odeser rabiner (Garland’s death, a moral song of the Odessa rabbi) (Odessa: Aba Dukhna, 1890), 12 pp.; Di yunge ferloyrene kimpertoren (The young, flustered women in childbirth), “with her tiny tot.  And with new songs: (1) The Stabbed Only Son; (2) The Blind Girl; (3) The Joyous Tomcat; (4) The Singer Quarrels with Poverty….  Written by Perets Valekh, Odessa (Aba Dukhna, 1897), 22 pp.”  Other biographical details remain unknown.

Source: Sh. Viner, Katalog fun yidishe folkslider (Catalogue of Yiddish folksongs), supplement to S. M. Ginzburg and P. S. Marek, Yevreiskiye narodniye pecni v Rossii (Yiddish folksongs in Russia) (St. Petersburg, 1901).
Zaynvl Diamant

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