Monday 18 April 2016


            She was born Feyge-Rokhl Brantvayn in Zamość, Poland, into a middle-class family.  She graduated from a Russian public school.  Over the years 1920-1926, she was living in Warsaw, later returning to Zamość, and there she became a laborer.  She began publishing poems in the anthology Ringen (Links) (Warsaw, 1920).  She contributed to Dos folk (The people) and other literary publications.  She brought out two pamphlets of eccentric, erotic poetry: Ikh (I) 1 (Warsaw, 1922), 32 pp.; 2 (Zamość, 1923), 35 pp.  Her first poems attracted the attention of the critics, but she soon thereafter became completely silent.

Sources: Hillel Tsaytlin, in Moment (Warsaw) (July 2, 1922); Ezra Korman, Yidishe dikhterins (Jewish women poets) (Chicago, 1928), pp. 208-11, 342; B. Kutsher, Geven amol varshe (As Warsaw once was) (Paris, 1955), p. 182.

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