Wednesday 27 April 2016


            He was born in Odessa, Ukraine.  After the Bolshevik uprising in Russia, he moved to England (1918) and settled in Hull where he earned a living as a merchant.  He was the author of Di khokhme hatalmud un di nayeste erfindungen (Talmud scholars and the latest inventions) (Warsaw, 1933), 181 pp.  In the foreword, he wrote that the goal of his book was to demonstrate the influences of the Talmud on modern civilization over the course of the previous 150 years.  He also wrote Kavod hatora velomdeha (The majesty of the Torah and the study of it), a polemical work (London, 1930), 64 pp.  Other biographical information remains unknown.

Source: Yivo-bleter (Vilna) 8.3 (1935).

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