Wednesday 20 April 2016


MORTKHE VOLFSHOYT-DINKES (September 6, 1919-1995)
            He was born in Przemyśl, Galicia.  He received a religious education and was active in Labor Zionism.  He survived the ghetto and concentration camps.  From 1945 he was living in Paris.  He worked as a tailor.  He published (with B. Shlevin) the journal Parizer heftn (Parisian notebooks) (1968-1973).  He wrote in this serial on political issues.  Among his books: Shakh-mat, der nes fun mayn lebn, fun pshemishl biz terezyenshtat (Checkmate, the miracle of my life, from Przemyśl to Theresienstadt) (Paris, 1975), 199 pp.; a French translation appeared in 1982: Echec et mat, récit d’un survivant de Pichemychl en Galicie.

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