Thursday 14 April 2016


            He was born in Lodz to Hassidic parents.  In his youth he became a laborer and joined the Labor Zionists.  During WWI he worked as a merchant in Pyetrikov (Pyotrków), and from 1918 until 1944 lived in Lodz where he was the founder of the first Workers’ Home and the creator of the Jewish Labor Homes in Lodz.  He published articles, concerning such topics as labor cooperatives, in: Arbeter-tsaytung (Workers’ newspaper) in Warsaw; Lodzher arbeter (Lodz workers) in Lodz, 1932-1937; and elsewhere.  He was confined in the Lodz ghetto, from which in August 1944 he was deported to Auschwitz and there murdered.

Source: Kh. L. Fuks, in Fun noentn over (New York) 3 (1957).

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