Sunday, 1 January 2017


SH. YESHELSON (1898-November 30, 1941)
            He was born in Riga.  He studied in religious elementary school and in a yeshiva, later graduating from a Russian high school, and later still from the law faculty of Riga University.  He became a lawyer, though remaining a pious Jew.  He was a member of Agudat Yisrael.  In 1925 he became a member of the editorial board of the Riga Yiddish-language daily newspaper Dos folk (The people), and there, at the time of the strike of all the contributors to the newspaper, he moved over (1926) to Frimorgn (Morning) which was founded at this time; and for many years he contributed to it.  He was confined in the Riga ghetto when the Nazis invaded, and he was murdered in the great massacre that took place on November 30, 1941.

Sources: M. Gerts, 25 yor yidishe prese in letland (25 years of the Yiddish press in Latvia) (Riga, 1933), pp. 40-43, 54; A Riger, in Almanakh fun riger relif (Almanac of Riga assistance) 3 (New York, 1948).

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