Tuesday, 5 January 2016


HENEKH HALPERN (b. November 1, 1894)
            The brother of Hebrew writer Mordechai Ben-Yekhezkil, he was born in Glinyani (Gline), eastern Galicia, and was raised in a fiercely Orthodox household.  He studied in religious elementary school and at Baron Hirsch schools as well.  He went with the Second Aliya to Palestine and later emigrated to the United States where he became a worker in a sweatshop; he was also active in the trade union movement.  He published articles in: Lemberger togblat (Lemberg daily newspaper); and Di varhayt (The truth), Forverts (Forward), Der tog (The day), and Morgn-zhurnal (Morning journal) in New York.  He published in Yidishe shprakh (Yiddish language) in New York 3.14 (July-September 1954) a list of Yiddish words with explanations as they were used and pronounced in eastern Galicia.  He edited the jubilee journal of Glinyani natives.  His books include: Khurbn glinyani (The Holocaust in Glinyani) (New York, 1946), 56 pp.; Megiles gline (The book of Gline) (New York, 1950), 307 pp.  He was living in Brooklyn.

Sources: Sh. Rubin, in Tog (New York) (February 2, 1952); G. Aronson, in Tsukunft (New York) (March 1951); Y. Shatski, in Yivo-bleter (New York) 43.

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