Tuesday 3 September 2019


ZALMEN SHIK (SZYK) (d. May 8, 1942)
            Born in Latvia, he was for many years chairman of the Vilna branch of the Landkentenish (land touring) society (VILG).  He contributed to: Landkentenish yedies (Landkentenish information) in Warsaw, Gluboker vokh (Gluboke week), Unzer lebn (Our life) in Bialystok, Sport-tsaytung (Sport newspaper) in Warsaw, Etyudn (Studies) in Vilna, the Vilna daily newspaper Di tsayt (the times) (1931-1939), and Vilner almanakh (Vilna almanac) (1939).  In book form: 1000 yor vilne (One thousand years of Vilna), part 1 (Vilna: VILG, 1939), 520 pp.  He fled Vilna to Lide (Lida) with prepared materials for part 2.  He was murdered by the Nazis.

Sources: Hirsh Abramovitsh, in Di tsayt (Vilna) (May 19, 1939); Shloyme Bastomski, in Shulfraynd (Vilna) 1-3 (1939); Leyzer Ran, Yerusholaim delite, ilustrirt un dokumentirt (Jerusalem of Lithuania, illustrated and documented) (New York, 1974-1975), see index.
Leyzer Ran

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