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SIEGFRIED SCHMITZ (b. December 27, 1886)
            He was a German Jewish journalist, born in Neititschen, Moravia.  He wrote a great deal in German Jewish journals about Yiddish literature, Jewish folklore, and the like.  From 1910 he translated a series of works from Yiddish into German, mostly with the Vienna publishing house of R. Löwit: Y. L. Perets, Die goldene Kette (The golden chain [original Di goldene keyt]) (1918, 1923); In Fesseln (Detained [original: In polish af der keyt (Detained in the synagogue anteroom)] (1919, 1923); Aus dieser und jener Welt (From the this and the other world), selected stories (1919); L. Shapiro, Die Stadt der Toten und andere Erzählungen (The city of the dead and other stories) (Berlin: Welt-Verlag, 1922); Sholem-Aleichem, Menachem Mendel (Menakhem-mendl) (1922); Sholem-Aleichem, Marienbad (Marienbad) (1923); Sholem Asch, Onkel Moses (Uncle Moses [original: Onkl mozes]) (1926); Asch, Die Mutter (The mother [original: Di muter]) (1928); Asch, Chaim Lederers Rückkehr (The return Khayim Lederer’s [original: Khayem lederers tsurikkumen]) (193?); Yoysef Opatoshu, Der letzte Waldjude (Berlin: Welt-Verlag, 1928); Mendele Moykher-Sforim, Der Klepper (Di klyatshe [The nag]); Dovid Ignatov, Im talkessel (In keslgrub [In the crucible]); and others as well.  With M. Weiner, he published Sippurim (Stories), a collected of Yiddish legends (Berlin, 1926, 1927); and with M. Präger; he revised Jüdische Schwänke (Jewish stories) (1928).

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 4.
Berl Cohen

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