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MOYSHE SHLEYFSHTEYN (ca. 1850-ca. 1917)
            He lived in Warsaw, where he was a wedding entertainer and the composer of popular songs and pamphlets concerning an assortment of events: Dos lied (The song) (1882?); Vikhne dvoshe di tsitkonyes fun varsho (Vikhne Dvoshe, the charitable and pious woman of Warsaw), “written in verse by the well-known wedding entertainer in Warsaw” (Warsaw: Y. L. Morgenshtern, 1882/1883), 26 pp.; Der bankrot oder di gishlogene tsayt (The bankruptcy or the time gone by) (Warsaw: Feyvl Munl, 1884), 46 pp.; Der shreklikher feygeles toyt oder di merders far di sprave (The fearful bird’s death or the murderers before the court) (Warsaw, 1897), republished under the title Der gihargeter kantorshtsik oder der ungrekhnter toyt fon feygeles (The murdered office worker or the endless death of birds); Di naye zabaves (The new games) (Warsaw, 1897); Der vayberishe yonkiper oder der gishtehrter kol nidre (Women’s Yom Kippur or troubled Kol Nidre) (Warsaw, 1896, 1899), 19 pp.; Di sheyn groyse halle in varsho oder der opgetribener mark fun ayzernem toyer (The beautiful, large hall in Warsaw or the evacuated marketplace of the iron gate) (Warsaw, 1902); Dos lied fun fonograf un dos lied fun zaksishen gorten (The song of the phonograph and the song of the Saxon garden) (Warsaw: M. Y. Halter, 1903), 12 pp.; Der shreklikher mord fun kenig un kenigin fun serbye (The horrifying murder of the king and queen of Serbia) (Warsaw, 1904), 23 pp.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 4; A. Taytlboym, Varshever hoyf (Warsaw court) (Buenos Aires, 1948), pp. 26-27, 156-57; Yankev Shatski, Geshikhte fun yidn in varshe (History of the Jews in Warsaw) (New York: YIVO, 1953), vol. 3, pp. 270, 336-37.
Yekhezkl Lifshits

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