Wednesday 18 September 2019


            An unclear pseudonym, he was the author of such storybooks as: A mayse fun aseres-hashvotim in sambatyen (A tale of the Ten [Lost] Tribes in the Sambation) (Warsaw: A. Boymritter, 1900/1901), 31 pp., later edition (Vilna, 1910); Mayse fun frumen r’ tuvye un zayn vayb khane (A tale of the pious Reb Tuvye and his wife Hannah) (Warsaw), 32 pp.; Mayse fun meylekh nevukhednetser mit zayne khloymes (A tale of King Nevuchadnezzar and his dreams) (Pyetrkov, 1901/1902), 24 pp., later edition (Vilna, 1909/1910); Mayse fun fertsig gazlonim (Tale of forty robbers) (Warsaw, 1901/1902), 27 pp.; Mayse fun di royte yudlekh (Tale of the ruddy young Jews) (Warsaw, 1901/1902), 28 pp., later edition (Vilna, 1910), 57 pp.; Der shakh perski (The Shah Perski); and Mayse fun englishe ofitsyeren (Tale of English officers).

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 4.
Berl Cohen

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