Tuesday 18 July 2017


DOVID MANDEL (d. 1944)
            He came from Grosswardein, Romanian Transylvania.  He was a translator of ethical religious texts from Hebrew into Yiddish, among them: Seyfer ner dovid (The candle of David), “a beautiful ethical text for contemporary people, translated from Hebrew into Judeo-German.  I hope to God, blessed be He, that this will find appeal in everyone” (Seini [Szinérváralja], 1927), 176 pp. + 7 pp.  He also translated Seyfer mishpet tsedek (Judgment of justice), “an ethical text of Rabbi Moshe ben Gershon of Zalashin.”  He was murdered by the Nazis in Transylvania.

Source: Y. Yoysef Cohen, in Yivo-bleter (New York) (1962), p. 272.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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