Tuesday 16 August 2016


Z. ZILBERBERG (d. September 1942)
            He was born in Chmielnik, Kielce district, Poland.  In his youth he moved with his parents to Warsaw.  He studied in religious primary school and public high school.  In 1926 he graduated from the humanities faculty of Warsaw University.  For a time he worked as a teacher of psychology in Polish Jewish middle schools, later serving as director of a Polish Jewish public school (Shabasuvka [a Polish public school that did not meet on Shabbat]) in Warsaw.  During WWII he was a teacher in an illegal Jewish school in the Warsaw Ghetto.  He contributed to Dr. E. Ringelblum’s “Oyneg Shabes” project and Ghetto archive.  He authored a worked entitled “Di lerershaft un shul-yugnt fun di efntlekhe folkshuln far yidishe kinder in varshe bes der milkhome” (Faculty and school youth of public schools for Jewish children in Warsaw during the war) (120 pp. and 26 pp. of tables)—which received first prize in a competition run by Dr. Ringelblum and which was discovered in the excavated Ringelblum archive.  He was deported in the summer of 1942 to Treblinka and murdered there during a major selection.

Sources: Arn Ayznbakh, in Bleter far geshikhte (Pages for history), vol. 2 (Warsaw) (April-June 1948), p. 21; information from Michael Zilberberg in London.

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