Thursday 11 August 2016


RUVN ZIGER (b. September 20, 1882)
            He was born in Rovno, Ukraine.  He received a Jewish “Enlightened” education.  He studied in a synagogue study hall and later graduated as an engineer in Germany.  In 1923 he moved to Brazil, later moving on to Uruguay and from there to Argentina.  He contributed work to Hamelits (The advocate) and Hazman (The time), and in Yiddish to Tog (Day) in New York and Literarishe bleter (Literary leaves) and Haynt (Today) in Warsaw.  In Brazil he served as editor of Onheyb (Beginning) in Rio de Janeiro; in Montevideo, Uruguay, he edited the newspaper Undzer lebn (Our life); and in Buenos Aires, he published in Di prese (The press), Der shpigl (The mirror), Der veg (The way), and Folksshtime (Voice of the people), among other serials.  In book form: Fun do un fun dort, shriftn (From here and from there, writings) (Buenos Aires, 1949), 278 pp.

Source: Sh. Rozhanski, Dos yidishe gedrukte vort in argentine (The published Yiddish word in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1941), p. 189.
Zaynvl Diamant

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