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MEYER-VOLF ZINGER (ca. 1840-ca. 1913)
            He was a teacher in Tarashtshe (Tarashcha), Kiev district, Ukraine.  He published in Hebrew: Mazal maḥkim (Luck makes one smart), one hundred rhymed riddles for the young (Warsaw, 1879), 43 pp.; and Mishle krilov (Krilov’s fables), 2 parts (Warsaw, 1885), 216 pp. and 236 pp., a second edition appeared in 1892 in Warsaw.  In Yiddish he published: Der ziten lerer oder basni krilov (The moral philosophy of Basni Krilov), “translated into pure zhargon [i.e., Yiddish] by Meyer-Zev Zinger” (Berdichev, 1888), 80 pp.  “A poor translation,” wrote Zalmen Reyzen, “of these well-known fables.”

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; M. Osherovitsh, in Forverts (New York) (April 20, 1945); Sh. Khurvits, “Fun folk tsu folk” (From people to people), Forverts (May 19, 1945).
Zaynvl Diamant

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