Tuesday 16 August 2016


            He was born in Odessa, southern Russia.  He worked as a merchant and a commercial agent in Kishinev, Bender (Bendery), and Akerman.  He authored religious works, among them two novels: (1) Aaves dovid veyonosn, oder di sheyne, di frume, di shtarke (The love of David and Jonathan, or the beautiful, the pious, the strong), “a wonderful story in three parts.  Each part contains eight chapters and seventy men play one heroic role in each” (Kishinev, 1885: first part, 71 pp., second and third part, 92 pp.), with a foreword in which the author notes, inter alia: “On my bed at night, ideas frequently advise me that I should lighten the burden of the two novels that I have for so long contemplated writing, but my creations have not come to fruition….  I am taking the time so that my novel will elicit in you a couple of tears and a bit of money, and I shall enhance your confidence in me, so that in my two novels you will find the love of David and Jonathan”; (2) Aristotles oder rokhl di toloner betlerin (Aristotle or Rachel from Toulon, the beggar), “Toulon is one of the most beautiful cities in France” (Odessa, 1886), 92 pp.  Both novels were intertwined with poetry and popular comical verses.  Highly significant is his explanation: “Permanent rights of sale are in accordance with the laws of the government.”
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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