Sunday 28 August 2016


AVROM ZLATIN (January 16, 1881-March 13, 1941)
            He was born in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.  He studied in religious primary school, yeshivas, and with private tutors.  In 1906 he moved to the United States and engaged in a variety of jobs.  For many years he was a leader of the Jewish National Workers’ Alliance.  He was active in the trade union campaign of the Histadrut, in the Labor Zionist Party, in the Jewish Congress, in the Jewish Bakers’ Union, and the like.  He published articles on labor issues in: Di tsayt (The times) and Idisher kemfer (Jewish fighter).  Over the years 1924-1939, he edited the weekly newspaper Idishe bekers shtime (Voice of Jewish bakers) in New York, in which, aside for editorial articles, he published feature pieces.  He died in New York.

Sources: A. Goldberg, in Zamlbukh lekoved dem tsvey hundert un fuftsikstn yoyvl fun der yidisher prese 1686-1936 (Anthology in honor of the 250th jubilee of the Yiddish press, 1686-1936), ed. Dr. Y. Shatski (New York, 1937), p. 247; A. Feder, in Idisher kemfer (New York) (January 17 and March 21, 1941); Forverts, Tog, and Morgn-zhurnal (all New York) (March 14 and 18, 1941).

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