Tuesday 16 August 2016


            He was born in Suwalk, Lithuania.  He received rabbinical ordination at the Telz Yeshiva.  From 1920 he was working as a rabbi in Suwalk.  He was the author of Sefer shulḥan hashabat (Book of the Sabbath table), in which he explains in a popular Yiddish idiom the Jewish laws and customs of Shabbat on the basis of the Torah, Midrashim, and other sources.  The book appeared in three parts: part 1 (Suwalk, 1922), 140 pp.; part 2 (Suwalk, 1923), 120 pp.; and part 3 (Suwalk, 1925), 122 pp. and 7 pp.  No information about him has been gleaned since WWII.

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