Monday 28 March 2016


            He was born in Nyezhin (Nizhyn), Chernigov region, Ukraine.  He studied in religious primary school and in a Russian school.  For a time he worked as an employee in a tobacco company, later becoming a traveling salesman.  He published humorous sketches and satirical poetry in the Friday humor supplement of Gutmorgn (Good morning) in Odessa and Haynt (Today) in Warsaw, as well as elsewhere.  In book form: Di voyazhorn un di koynim (Commercial voyagers and customers), a satirical poem in verse (Pyetrikov, 1909), 53 pp., describing in a popular style of language with entertaining rhymes the bitter fate of Jewish commercial travelers in Russia of yore.  The book contains biographical information, as well as a poem “Tfile levoyazhorn” (Prayer for commercial traveler).  Further information remains unknown.

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