Tuesday 29 March 2016


            He was born in Dvinsk (Daugavpils), Latvia.  He received a Jewish and a general education.  He graduated from a Russian high school and studied at the University of Riga.  He was chairman of the Left Labor Zionist Party in Latvia.  He was also active in Jewish school curricula.  He contributed to the Riga Yiddish daily newspapers Dos folk (The people) and Frimorgn (Morning); and to Arbeter tsaytung (Workers’ newspaper) in Warsaw; and other serials as well.  In 1937 he moved to Russia, and since that point in time there has been no further information known about him.  His younger brother, SHIMEN HERTSBAKH, was a reporter for Dos folk (1920-1927)—his fate is also unknown.

Sources: M. Gerts, 25 yor yidishe prese in letland (25 years of the Yiddish press in Latvia) (Riga, 1933), pp. 38, 40; Y. Meir, in Yahadut latviya (Judaism in Latvia) (Tel Aviv, 1953), pp. 123, 153, 155, 156.

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