Sunday 20 March 2016


            He was born in a town near Lodz, Poland, into a well-off family.  He studied in religious primary school, synagogue study hall, and with private tutors.  While young, he moved to Lodz, became an employee in a business, and later a merchant.  Until the end of WWI he lived in Lodz, and later in Warsaw where he ran a business.  He published humorous sketches, satires, and short poems in: Lodzer nakhrikhtn (Lodz notices) in 1907, and Lodzer tageblat (Lodz daily news), among others.  In book form: In erets yisroel nokh der geule (In the land of Israel after its redemption), a satire (Lodz, 1909), 48 pp.; Der litvak (The Lithuanian), a scene from life in three acts (Warsaw, 1918), 46 pp.

Sources: Tsvi Kahan, in Folksblat (Lodz) (June 1, 1917); Kh. L. Fuks, in Fun noentn over (New York) 3 (1957), p. 195.

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