Tuesday 29 March 2016


YEHUDE-LEYB HERTS (L. HARRISON) (1856-September 1918)
            He lived in Wooster, Massachusetts.  He translated into Yiddish portions of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible).  He published Biblishe historye (Biblical history), “Genesis or the formation of the chosen people, first volume” (New York, 1913), 12 pp., with a message on the second page, entitled “Brothers and Sisters!” and with “An Explanation” on page three.  He also published Koyheles (Ecclesiastes) (New York, 1916), 67 pp., “in three languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, and English, following the order of the poem, translated, explained, and arranged by L. Harrison,” with an excerpt from the review by G. Zelikovitsh in Tageblat (Daily newspaper).  The small book also included a variety of approbations and, at the end of the English portion, a “Directory of Jewish nobility in America,” meaning those who had helped him publish his translations.  He died in St. Louis, Missouri.

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