Sunday 20 March 2016


GOLDE HIRSHMAN (b. April 4, 1936)
            She was born in Buenos Aires into a family of immigrant laborers from the town of Yanov (Janów Podlaski), Lublin region, Poland.  She received a secular Jewish education, studied in Jewish public schools, graduated from a Spanish-language middle school, and in 1956 she was in her final year at the Yiddish-Hebrew teachers’ seminary in the Jewish community of Buenos Aires.  At that time she began to write stories in Yiddish.  Her story “R. danyel” (Rabbi Daniel) was awarded a prize at the second literary competition for youth in the name of Shmerke Katsherginski (the jury: Sh. Tsesler, M. Knapheys, and Sh. Rozhanski) and was published in Yunger dor (Young generation), a publication of the Argentinian division of the World Jewish Culture Congress.

Source: Yunger dor (Buenos Aires) (July 1956)
Zaynvl Ran

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