Monday 14 March 2016


HADASE HIRSHOVITS-LEVIN (1912-December 12, 1947)
            She was born in Kovno, Lithuania.  Her father Yoysef-Leyb Hirshovits was a Mizrachi leader and author of the religious text Haeshkol (The cluster).  From her youth she was educated in both Jewish and generation knowledge, and after graduating high school she took a teacher’s course of study at Kovno University and became a teacher in Hebrew schools.  She was popular in Kovno for her devotion to Orthodox education which was concentrated in the Bays-Yankev schools.  Following the outbreak of WWII, she spent six years in the ghetto and forests.  While still quite young, she published articles, stories, and poems in Yiddish in the Orthodox press.  The majority, though, she wrote in Hebrew, using the pen name “Bat ami” (daughter of my people).  On her death bed, in the Jewish hospital in Munich, she completed a Hebrew book which described the downfall of Jews in the Zhamet region of Lithuania.  Her poem “Dos shnidl perl” (The string of pearls) was translated from Hebrew by Dovid Volpe and published in Undzer veg (Our way) (December 12, 1947) in Munich.

Source: Y. Kaplan, in Undzer veg (Munich) (December 12, 1947).

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