Thursday 20 October 2016


SH. TILKER (b. 1910)
            He came from Ukraine and graduated from a high school.  Later he became a metalworker in the Donbas, where he worked smelting iron.  He debuted in print with poems of a worker’s life in Prolit (Proletarian literature) in Kharkov (1930), and later he published in: Prolit, Shtern (Star), and Royte velt (Red world) all in Kharkov, and in Jewish Communist youth publications in Russia.  There has been no further information about him since 1941.

Source: Avrom Vevyorke, Der stil fun der proletarisher literatur (The style of Proletarian literature) (Kharkov, 1932), p. 53.
Khjayim Leyb Fuks

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