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            He came from Lithuania.  In the late 1880s, he moved to South Africa.  He was the author of five volumes of Humorestishe shriftn (Humorous writings) (n.d.) and two pamphlets of memoirs (Cape Town, 1922).  He may be identical with Khayim Globus who in 1898 published a pamphlet entitled Di fleyshike oytsres (Meaty treasures), a satire on the Jewish community leadership in South Africa.  As N. D. Hofman characterized him, Turok was a “dexterous scribe in both Hebrew and zhargon” (i.e., Yiddish), and his writings “were sublime and genuinely critical.”  Biographical details remain unknown.

Sources: N. D. Hofman, Seyfer hazikhroynes, erinerungen fun a litvishn maskil in dray velt teyln: eyrope, amerike un afrike (Volume of memoirs, experiences of a Lithuanian follower of the Jewish Enlightenment in three parts of the world: Europe, America, and Africa) (Cape Town, 1916); Y. M. Sherman, Bikher un shrayber (Books and writers) (Johannesburg, 1948), p. 36.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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