Sunday 16 October 2016


NOSN TIGER (1901-1960)
            He was born in Kutne (Kutno), Poland.  He was an active leader of the Zionist Socialists and Labor Zionists in Poland and in Israel where he settled in 1932.  He was a member of Kibbutz Yagur.  He published articles in: Bafrayung (Liberation), Bafrayung-arbeter-shtime (Liberation labor’s voice), and Dos vort (The word)—all in Warsaw.  He died at Kibbutz Yagur in Israel.  In his memory the booklet Natan tiger, sheloshim lemoto, 1901-1960 (Nosn Tiger, thirty days after his death, 1901-1960) (Yagur, 1960), 27 pp., was published, with memoirs and appreciation by A. Rays, Y. Rifkin, A. Bardichevski, A. Grudzenski, Dr. Yosef Shekhter, Z. Ramon, and others.

Source: H. Shlayfer, in Arbeter-vort (Paris) (September 21, 1960).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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