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SHIRE GORSHMAN (April 10, 1906-April 4, 2001)
            She was born in Krok (Krakės), a town near Kovno, Lithuania, to a poor family.  During WWI she was evacuated with her parents to Odessa, where she graduated from a local public school.  In 1924 she left for Palestine, and until 1930 she worked in the home of the family of Kh. N. Bialik.  She later returned to Russia.  She worked in the Jewish colony in Crimea.  Afterward she lived for a time in Odessa and Moscow.  She began writing stories of poor, Jewish, small town life in Shtern (Star), later contributing to Emes (Truth), Eynikeyt (Unity) in Moscow, and to the collections Tsum zig (To victory) (Moscow, 1944) and Heymland (Homeland) (Moscow, 1947-1948), among others.  Among her books: Der koyekh fun lebn, noveln un dertseylungen (The power of life, novellas and stories) (Moscow, 1948), 206 pp.; 33 noveln (33 short stories) (Warsaw: Yidish bukh, 1961), 179 pp.; Lebn un likht, dertseylungen un noveln (Life and light, stories and novellas) (Moscow: Sovetski pisatel, 1974), 430 pp.; Yontev inmitn vokh, roman, dertseylungen un noveln, rayze bilder (Holiday in the middle of the week: a novel, stories, and novellas, travel images) (Moscow: Sovetski pisatel, 1984), 374 pp.  In Der koyekh fun lebn, she delineates the types and impressions of past Jewish life in the small Lithuanian hamlets, as well as images of the new era in Russia, in the Crimea, and in the Land of Israel.  She also wrote under the names Shirke Goman and Shire Gorman.  [N.B. Gorshman returned to Israel in 1990 where she died in Ashkelon.  She continued writing and left a large body of work.]

Sources: Noyekh Lurye, in Heymland, vol. 6 (Moscow, 1948); Rivke Rubin, in Folksshtime (Lodz) 47 (1947); Y. Yonasovitsh, in Dos naye lebn (Lodz) 41 (1948); Yonasovitsh, in Der idisher zhurnal (Toronto) (July 23, 1957); B. Mark, in Folksshtime 40 (1949); N. Meisil, in Yidishe kultur (New York) 11 (1949); Moyshe Kats, in Morgn frayhayt (New York) (May 26, 1957).

[Additional information from: Berl Kagan, comp., Leksikon fun yidish-shraybers (Biographical dictionary of Yiddish writers) (New York, 1986), col. 148.]


  1. She contributed to Di Yiddishe gas (Еврейская улица=The Jewish street - a new title of Heymland (Homeland)).- Moscow, 1997.- № 2-3.- pp. 5-12
    הױכע שװעלן
    Hoykhe shveln (High thresholds)
    Gorshman, Shire. Hoykhe shveln// Di Yiddishe gas / Hoypt-redaktor: Arn Vergelis.- Moscow, 1997.- № 2-3.- pp. 5-12

  2. SHIRE GORSHMAN also contributed among other Soviet writers to the collection Azoy lebn mir : Dokumentale noveln, fartsaykhenungen, reportazh (The way we live : documentary novels, essays, reportages)/ red. Aron Vergelis.- Moskve : Sovetski pisatel ; Sovetish Heymland, 1964.- 485, [3]
    אזױ לעבן מיר
    דאקומענטאלע נאװעלן, פארצײכענונגען, רעפארטאזש
    רעד. ארן װערגעליס