Sunday 26 July 2015


DOVID GORSKIN (February 24 1908-August 26, 1990)
            He was born in Dominguez, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina, to parents who had emigrated there from Russia.  From early childhood he was living in the YIKO (Jewish Cultural Organization) colony of Santa Isabel.  He received both a Jewish and general education in the local Baron Hirsch school.  He later became a colonist and devoted himself to work on the land.  He was also active in the community with the Poale-Tsiyon Party.  He was the author of Zikhroynes vegn santa izabel (Memoirs of Santa Isabel).  He wrote in vivid language about the life, manners, and customs of the local Jewish colonists from the colony’s founding.  The book is provided with a preface by Mikhl Hacohen Sinai and an introductory word by the author (Buenos Aires, 1951), 234 pp.  It is of great value as a source on the history of the Jewish colonization in Argentina.

Source: Y. Botoshanski, ed., Yorbukh fun der yidisher kehile in buenos-ayres (Annual of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires) (1954).

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