Thursday 23 July 2015


ARYE GORZELTSANI (b. February 1907)

            He was born in Tshizhev, near Wysokie Mazowieckie (Visoko Mazovietsk), Poland, to Hassidic parents.  He studied in religious elementary schools and yeshivas.  In 1936 he moved to the Land of Israel.  In that year he published his first poem, “Toy” (Dew), in the March issue of the Vilna journal Grininke beymelekh (Little green trees).  Later he published his story “Mobilizatsye” (Mobilization) in Bleter (Pages) in Palestine.  From then on he has contributed to such Israeli journals as Shtamen (Tribes), Di brik (The bridge), Nay-velt (New world), Lebnsfragn (Life issues), and Undzer haynt (Our today), and to the Hebrew collection Katif (Fruit-picking) and Undzer veg (Our way) in New York.  He has also written under such pen names as Ben Yisroel and A. Sraf.  He was living in the state of Israel.

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