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            He was born in Warsaw, Poland, into a laboring family.  He studied in religious primary school and in public school.  For a time he was a laborer, later a reciter of poetry and a modern wedding entertainer.  He published humorous poetry in Haynt (Today) and Ekspres (Express) in Warsaw.  He authored pamphlets that he brought out in his own “pocket library,” among them: Lider far mir un oykh far ir un monologn on a shier (Songs for me and also for you and monologues without limit) (Warsaw, 1934), 60 pp.; Lider tsum vayln un lakhn, oykh monologn tsum freylekh makhn (Songs with which to enjoy oneself and laugh, also monologues to make one happy) (Warsaw, 1934), 63 pp.; Der moderner badkhn (The modern wedding entertainer), “following the latest methods of celebrating bride and groom with comic songs and monologues” (Warsaw, 1934), 64 pp.; Di nayeste teater-lider un freylekhe monologn (The latest theater songs and joyous monologues), “to enjoy oneself for a couple of hours” (Warsaw, 1934), 64 pp.  Since WWII there had been no further information about him.

Source: Sefer hashana lebibliyografya yehudit bepolanya (Annual of Yiddish bibliography in Poland) (Warsaw, 1936), p. 40.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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