Wednesday 7 September 2016


            He was born in Aniksht (Anykščiai), Lithuania.  He studied in various yeshivas.  He moved to the United States in 1896.  He lived for a time in New York, later in Trenton, New Jersey.  He worked as a preacher in the local society “Anshe Emet” (Congregants of truth).  He authored Sefer divre david, enthalt eyne fun di redes vegn yudntum (The words of David, including one of his speeches on Judaism), part 1 (New York, 1905), part 2 (New York, 1908), 36 pp.  According to the preface, he also published several pamphlets on Jewish life in Russia and in America.

Source: Ben Tsiyon Ayzenshtadt (Benzion Eisenstadt), Dorot haaḥronim (The last generations) (New York, 1913), p. 23.

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