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            He was Yiddish-language journalist from Vilna.  He had been a student in the boys’ school “Mefitse Haskalah” in Vilna, and he published his first article in a jubilee volume for the school.  In 1923 he was a news reporter for Vilner tog (Vilna day), in which he also published reportage pieces and movie reviews.  He later worked as the Vilna correspondent for Varshever ekspres (Warsaw express).  From 1930 he was a regular contributor to Vilner radyo (Vilna radio).  When the Red Army occupied Vilna in 1939, he wrote for Vilner emes (Vilna truth).  Later when Vilna (1940) became part of Lithuania, he wrote for Vilner togblat (Vilna daily newspaper), in which he published (in issues 75-90) a series of articles about “Kartuz bereze, hinter di vent fun poylishn inkvizitsye-lager” (Bereza Kartuska, behind the walls of a concentration camp).  The place and time of his subsequent death remain unknown.

Source: M. Minkov, Yoyvl-heft fun der yingl-shul “mefitse-haskole” (Jubilee volume for the boys’ school “Mefitse-haskalah”) (Vilna, 1936).
Leyzer Ran

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