Wednesday 21 September 2016


GERSHON KHURGIN (CHURGIN) (December 3, 1903-April 11, 1978)
            He was the younger brother of Pinkhes Khurgin, born in Pahost (Pohosti), Minsk district, Byelorussia.  He studied in religious elementary school, yeshiva, and with private tutors.  In 1923 he moved to the United States, studied philosophy at Columbia University, later graduating with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.  Over the years 1930-1939, he was director of a Talmud Torah in Baltimore; he later settled in New York, where he worked as professor of Hebrew literature and philosophy at Yeshiva University.  He published articles in the field of Jewish philosophy, education, literature, and history, as well as reviews of both sacred and secular books in: Tsukunft (Future), Unzer horizont (Our horizon), Di idishe shtime (The Jewish voice), Der mizrakhi-veg (The Mizrachi way), Hadoar (The mail), Had hazman (Echo of the times), Haemuna (The faith), Talpiyot (Fortresses), Sura (Sura), Hatekufa (The epoch), Sefer hashana leyehude amerika (Annual for the Jews of America), and Bitsaron (Fortress)—all in New York; and Moznaim (Scales) in Tel Aviv; among others.  He served as co-editor of Bitsaron from 1939 to 1955.  In book form: Zeramim bafilosofya haḥadasha (Currents in the new philosophy) (Tel Aviv, 1959), 240 pp.  He died in New York.

Source: Who’s Who in World Jewry (New York, 1955), p. 127.

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