Friday 29 July 2016


YITSKHOK ZAM (1907-December 25, 1935)
            He was born in Rovno, Volhynia district, Ukraine, into a well-off family.  He was orphaned early on his father’s side.  He received both a Jewish and a general education, graduating from a Polish senior high school.  He graduated from Warsaw University in 1933 with a doctoral degree in law.  From 1928 until his death, he was a contributor to the economics and statistical bureau at Cebeka (Central Education Committee) in Warsaw and placed work in: Dos virtshaftlekhe lebn (The economic life) and Folkshilf (People’s assistance), among others in Warsaw and Vilna.  He was author of a monograph on Rovno in Polish (Warsaw, 1934).  He died in Warsaw.

Source: Dos virtshaftlekhe lebn (Warsaw) (July-December 1935).

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