Sunday 24 July 2016


GERSHON-HENEKH ZAKHAK (b. November 22, 1891)
            He was born in Shedlets (Siedlce), Poland.  He studied in religious primary school and yeshiva; privately, he pursued secular subjects.  In 1920 he published an article in Hatsfira (The siren) in Warsaw.  In 1921 the YIKO (Jewish Cultural Organization) center in Paris sent him to assume a teaching position in the colonies of the organization in Argentina.  After having spent two years in the colony in Mozesville, he settled in Buenos Aires where he was a regular contributor to Di yidishe tsaytung (The Jewish newspaper), publishing articles and feature pieces on local themes and from 1928 served as editorial board secretary of the newspaper.  He also wrote for Shpigl (Mirror) and Penemer un penemlekh (Appearances, big and small) in Buenos Aires.  He was editor of the journal Di pen (The pen).  He published articles as well in Spanish in Israelita (Israelite) and in the French-language Jewish periodical Univers juif (Jewish world).  He held a prominent position in Jewish community life in Buenos Aires.
Borekh Tshubinski

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