Tuesday 26 July 2016


A. ZOLOTARYOV (b. ca. 1880)
            He was born in Ukraine and studied legal science at Kiev University.  Around 1900 he was a member of the Jewish student organization, initially was close to the ideology of later Zionist socialism, and took part in student Zionist circles, but in 1902 he left to join the Bundists and with them founded the group “Frayhayt” (Freedom).  From that point forward, he worked actively with the Bund, responsibly carried out party assignments, and (under the pseudonym S. Aleksandrov) contributed to the Bundist Russian-language collection Nashe slovo (Our word), in which he published such works as: “The Jewish Question in the State Duma and the Association to Attain Equal Rights for Jews” and “The Class Struggle and Territorialism,” among other treatises which were almost all translated [from Russian] and published in the Yiddish publications of the Bund.  He also wrote for such Russian serials as Evreiskii mir (Jewish world) in St. Petersburg.  He later wrote in Yiddish for Bundist newspapers.  Until the March Revolution in 1917 he worked as a bank employee in Moscow, and after the outbreak of the revolution he was a delegate from Moscow to the tenth conference of the Bund (April 1917 in Petrograd), where he was coopted onto the central committee of the party.  He was subsequently sent on Bundist work to Kiev where he was assistant to the state inspector under the Ukrainian national government.  In 1919 he moved over to the Communist Party.  His subsequent life remains unknown.

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